How I did as a person

As a team member this tri, I did pretty well. I made sure that I was available to work at any time, as much as I could, and employed the most optimal solutions possible, to save as much time working as I could. I did spend too much time on myself, though, and while both of my major projects have been successful, i did not put any time into side projects like i should have been doing, nor doing blogs, and for this, my grades have suffered.

While I am very loud, I have behaved reasonably appropriately, done my best to network, and correctly managed the time that I did spend working, not wasting it on less useful systems. I also organised several days of working together as a group with my cohort to ensure that as many of us as possible were able to get the more difficult LO’s done and completed, which was reasonably successful for those who were able to turn up. I have also helped some of my classmates outside of class with their work, helping them to understand it or giving them a point of reference for them to work from

How I did as a programmer

The two main projects I worked on went in different directions. for slime herder, working with another programmer, we did not write up a TDD, and only basically planned out what we needed to do before beginning the programming. The resulting code was a ‘game controller’ script with ~50 functions in it, awful naming conventions and little to no notes explaining what anything actually did. I felt a little too rushed to get the job done which led to this, along with no time (allocated by myself) to actually go back and fix things up before they got too complex and intertwined.
I also worked on the level generation for Incapacitor. I had time to plan out how this would work, and how it would meet the design requirements, and it went through a complete rebuild, meaning it was able to be designed even better. I was able to abstract it as much as possible, pulling out almost everything it does and putting that into its own function. I have put notes in for nearly every function & statement, and I feel very confident that if I need to go in anywhere and change how the generator works, I will be able to.

This second project is not how I always work, but was a goal for my self-improvement from last tri, and proves that I am capable of it. In future, I will endeavour to make this the default way that I work.


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