never gonna be A*


A* is a computer algorithm that is widely used in pathfinding and graph traversal, the process of plotting an efficiently traversable path between multiple points, called nodes. It is noted for its high performance and accuracy.

How does it work?

This video tutorial goes through each step of setting up an A* algorithm, which will then need to be implemented into your project (for example, how do you use the list of nodes once it is returned or how do you identify impassable areas of terrain).

I am still working on implementing this pathfinding into my killbot, I have run into a lot of issues and am currently stuck on this:

The path that is returned seems to enjoy moving through walls, or the selected nodes to travel along are spaced very far apart (moving across wall sections as well).

I’m not sure this will be ready for the bot tournament, not unless I go without sleep, but I can’t afford that as I have 2 other projects due this week, and I’m leading a side project.

However, the side project is off to a great start. It is an endless runner designed to show off the capabilities of a whole bunch of animators at once. It is set up to have each team member working as much in parallel to one another as possible, and will have the capability to give credit to each artist as their work comes up, as well as allow control over things like the flow of time and camera positions. This week, I started recruiting animators, there are about 17 working on the project right now. We also chose the main themes that everyone will be working in, as shown here:


Those were chosen through voting, from a list of 20 mood boards, each submitted by a member of the animation team. Each member then got to vote for 5 different themes, meaning that everyone voted for their own board and then 4 other boards. These five were the most popular, so everyone got to have their say. Now they each get to choose one of these 5 themes to create from. The whole point of this is so that we can have background music and skyboxes that fit the models specifically (and I don’t have 20 audio guys to do 20 music tracks). I am extremely happy with the work that has been put in just to make up some nice mood boards and I am excited to see the work in its completion!


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