Meowder Mystery dev blog

Today I have been working mainly on maintaining and polishing documentation, updating older information or task charts, and updating the object task list and allocations. I’m pretty glad about how my object task allocation sheet was set up, cause it made updating it very easy and despite the huge pivot our game took, was still very relevant.
When I say huge pivot, I’m not joking, the entire premise of our game has changed. We are trying to keep as much of the assets and code already made as possible, so it’s still essentially a sit, point and click game, but the player experience is completely different. Instead of trying to get the player to connect to the characters through well-designed characters and a shared understanding and experience of grief and depression, we now are trying to connect to a player through a shared understanding and experience of cats are jerks and that a mismatch of themes is funny.

I also tidied up a script for a team mate, quickly fixing some small bugs and linking their script to the director script. The bugs were mainly small spelling errors and trying to access a variable that did not exist in the Director script yet, so that took like 5 minutes, and I was easily able to identify what was needed as we worked together to plan out the entire script in our TDD.

I pulled out all of the old lines of code that were no longer needed out of the director, and tonight I plan on finishing its functionality. This was pretty simple also, due to planning in the TDD and I just had to tie up anything that was relying on the variables or functions that were removed (anything relying on them were set to be removed also, anyway).

All in all, a fairly busy day of documentation. Happy Birthday to me!


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