Clump Soul

Katamari Damacy (塊魂, Katamari Damashii ?; lit. “clump soul”)

– For your reading pleasure –    

I set up a Trello account, which is very useful for keeping track of what you need to do now, and what can wait. I’m looking forward to also being able to sleep more, as any late night ideas I have can go straight up on that, in the icebox/feature creeps. This is also going to help me make sure I complete the important core of the game before I start messing around with getting everything all pretty.

While I did have some trouble getting the gravity and movement working, it feels reasonably smooth right now. Controls are very important in a game, I myself have turned down games because I couldn’t play them the way I wanted at the time or were too clunky and strange. There should feel like there is no barrier between what the player wants and what happens in-game. Gamasutra has an article on control schemes here, and they talk about the ‘twin joystick’ or ‘tank controls’ schemes, that is used in Katamari Damacy (pg.5).

While I have run into plenty of problems, most of them being I could not remember how to use something, I have found the Unity scripting API to be the solution to all of my problems. Knowing how to use it has saved me hours of scrounging around in the forums trying to figure out how to interpret and apply peoples specific solutions to problems that may or may not apply to me.

Problems that did apply to me was the world rendering strangely at large distances. This was because I had several objects passing through each other for the planet. I found out in the unity forums that this strange rendering was caused by your camera’s near clipping planes being too low. having a very low number caused small inaccuracies that are only seen with large objects and great distances, and even a minor increase in near clipping planes has a great effect.

So the center of the player ball contains an old model I had from a previous project, I called him gravity man. If I have the time, considering his skeleton is already set up, I will grab his animations, and give him his crown back.  He is royalty, after all. It wouldn’t be Katamari Damacy without it.

Another thing I would like to touch on is the usefulness of skype and its screen share, something I had not used before, for helping out my classmates (or getting help) with problem-solving.

The next issues I will deal with is time management, figuring out what will stay and what can go, coming up with explinations as to why the invoice is so dear, trying to top my last title screen, and finding a ‘funky jazz fusion loop with unintelligible lyrics shouted over a megaphone that isn’t just annoying’. there is no search tag for that, sadly. (there is one for ‘annoying BG loop’)


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