Nobody understands quaternions

So I finished up working on glitchenstein. I added smooth transitions between the title screen and the playable scene and found out how to get a looping track to loop properly. I had some fairly interesting ideas to make it feel like more of a game, and less of a tech demo too, for example:

the background/sky would have a chance display a bunch of strange repeating animations, in the style of me! me! me!

I also planned for a large boss fight, and a ranged weapon (a rocket launcher that did no damage but launched things around with high force from its explosion) alas, I was spending too much time on it and had to wrap it up. It’s still a good base to work off, at a later date If I can.

I am now working on the first assessment for my scripting class, which requires I build my own Katamari Damacy game. For those who haven’t yet, experience it now!

So of course I’m doing it on a fully traversable planned instead of just a flat world. Because I hate myself. I have only just started and the biggest issue is working out the players movement that mimics the original games but works with spherical gravity. I even have twin stick controls. Once I have that figured out, I will need plenty of objects to collect, so the world doesn’t feel too samey, it would be nice to generate their placements randomly, although hand crafting the world may be nicer for the player. My plan for the AI is to create use invisible game objects as waypoints, placed in a list for each AI to use. They will then move to each point while using my gravity system. If I keep each waypoint close enough together, the world is large enough that they won’t seem to be moving through the floor.

I would like to avoid animating the animal or human objects, as this will require a large amount of work. If I have the time I will.

Quaternions are jerks, to the point that the Unity scripting API basically tells you that if you don’t know, you won’t know. I found that very interesting.

More on (insert Katamari Damacy clone name here) next week!

ME!ME!ME! feat.Daoko / TeddyLoid (HD) from LeinhartKUF on Vimeo.

Katamari Forever: 

Featured image:


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