Income and art – 5 easy installments of $99.99

Just getting a job, working for a company is one of the easiest ways to keep a stable income. Glassdoor is amazing for this, providing the job you are looking to work for is on there. Getting a small amount of insight into the inner workings of a workplace before you even go for the interview can be an extremely powerful tool. Unfortunately, my main issue with keeping a job is myself. This is why I am getting my bachelors, but I am also building a small network of colleagues so that I may learn to get on with people better.

Another method of making money is through crowdfunding. For games, this would mean Kickstarter or Indiegogo, however, these require a large amount of effort to get any real outcome, and are heavily reliant on your pre-existing network. Another issue is the possibility of them ending up costing more money than they make, through excessive rewards or unobtainable stretch goals. Patreon is a crowd funding subscription service, normally used by youtube creators. This could be used as a subscription service to the ‘newest games’, where your patrons would receive access to a database service of all of your released games, preferably over multiple devices, like IOS, PC and the Xbox arcade area. If you could pump out a new game every month, It might be worth it. If you offered a decent quality as standard and grew a decent fan base, you could start taking on more teams. Essentially you could end up offering a curated apple store content, on PC, Xbox or other platforms.

I imagine flipping burgers at maccas may still be in my future, that’s not really a problem as long as the bills get paid. Psychic income does not pay bills. I would rather a Pepsi sponsorship (so refreshing!)

I’m currently studying programming, which means that there are a lot of opportunities outside the creation of my own games to make some money, especially as a contractor. I have worked as a contractor in the hospitality industry years ago for Drake International in Canberra. It had its ups and downs, like much more stable work; if a job ran out of work for me, there was another job lined up. I had my own handler, and never had to find someone to fill in for me. Any training I required was provided, but being sent to new sites as often as I was was very jarring, and I was the ‘new guy’ every other week.

So I have a possible future of inconsistent jobs, but there is no contracting company for the games industry in Australia. This would be useful, as It could streamline the job finding process, helping to provide a steady income. It could provide any training or information required by a job site, and minimalize the risks a company has to weather (such as falsified CV info, no shows, injury claims processes and, with a close relationship to the contracting company, staff personality clashes). It could also provide structures for conflict resolutions, social get togethers, sick coverage, holidays and even support unions.

At the end of the day, I am aware that I am not just a content creator, but also a salesperson, if not in my projects then in my available skills. We must all be aware of our worth, so we can charge for it appropriately.


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